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Re: Gypsum Production

Very interesting. There must be some special circumstances to make it economical. Why not ask them?

Re: Gypsum Production

No, I've never heard of that. I doubt that it is economically feasible.

Re: coal firing vs LNG firing

The same burner as coal will not fire liquid natural gas. The differences will be in the volume of conbustion product...

Re: VRM- VERTICAl roller mill

Why do you want maximum vibration? Vibration is usually seen as a bad thing?

Re: Grinding balls

The difference is the hardness. Forged is harder than cast and therefore the wear rate is lower and they last longer....

Re: Location of the kiln tyres

This will be dependent on the properties of the kiln shell steel. Between the riding tyres the shell is subject to lo...

Re: Insoluble Anhydrite

It will have no affect on strength of cement mortar. The solubility of the sulphate in the cement will be changed and...

Re: Kiln Speed

With a slope of 4% the angular degree of the slope is 2.29 degrees. The calculation is ATAN(0.04)*180/PI().

Re: Water Demand of Cement

Water demand and its variation is usually associated with changing forms of the calcium sulphate in the cement, i.e. ...

Re: Highest Temp. Zone

No, the tendency is for the best coating to form in the buring zone. The fluxes in the charge of material penetrate i...