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Re: White Cement

This is a very complicated question and will be the subject of the Tech Forum in the October issue of ICR. In the no...

Re: White Cement

The short setting time of Cement 1 is clearly due to the formation of C11A7.CaF2. This is a component of "Jet" cement...

Re: JPF Fan impiller coating

It is unusual to encounter such problems with a bag filter fan as the gas should be clear of dust. It is much more co...

Re: Waste/Alternative Fuels in Direct Fired Kiln

I know direct fired preheater kilns firing tyres at the kiln inlet. There were no particular issues relating to the k...

Re: Air to Cloth ratio

The air to cloth ratio depends on the dust to be collected.

Re: Cement Strengths Predictions

I would have thought a simple linear regression would suffice.

Re: Online courses Info.

You can find more information about the Grinding & Milling Systems Course by using the highlighted link. There is...

Re: Regarding Slag Grinding

The best would be to take part in the CemNet Training Grinding and Milling course . The desired proportions of slag ...

Re: high vibration of vertical mill for raw material

It sounds quite simple. Change the table liners and rollers.

Re: Setting Time

Yes, it is difficult to understand in terms of the fluoride content alone. Also the surface areas are similar. It is ...