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Re: Regarding Slag Grinding

The best would be to take part in the CemNet Training Grinding and Milling course . The desired proportions of slag ...

Re: high vibration of vertical mill for raw material

It sounds quite simple. Change the table liners and rollers.

Re: Setting Time

Yes, it is difficult to understand in terms of the fluoride content alone. Also the surface areas are similar. It is ...

Re: what is Rosine Rammler ?

It is for both raw material and cement and also solid fuel grinding. It covers ball mills, vertical mills, roll press...

Re: what is Rosine Rammler ?

The Rosin Rammler distribution is a way of characterising the particle size distribution of powders in the size range...

Re: Setting Time

Fluoride, F¯, takes Al 3+ ions into the C 3 S crystal structure with it in a coupled substitution. That will leave...

Re: Setting Time

It is likely to lengthen the setting time.

Re: Low temperature cement grinding

With the low residence time and low temperatures in vertical mills for cement grinding gypsum dehydration will not be...

Re: catalysis or sintering

CaO and C2S are solids at the temperatures in the cement kiln, as is the C3S which is formed by their combination. If...

Re: Analysing the combustibles in kiln feed or raw meal

I think mass spectrometry might be used.