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Re: Is this Decision Right........?

It doesn't sound as if the maintenance was very well planned or coordinated.

Re: Dust emission through main Stack

There are well documented cases where particles of ammonium salts have condensed from the exhaust gases in a plume af...

Re: Cement Silo Extraction Problem

What you need to monitor is the degree of dehydration of the gypsum during cement mill operation.

Re: projection at 8000 tpd

You need to enrol on and study the CemNet Training Pyroprocessing course.

Re: Cement Transport by F.K.Pump

You need to ask IBAU.

Re: new power consumption figures

You need to enfol on and study the CemNet Pyroprocessing course.


Both give the same hydrated calcium aluminate products. C3A reacts more quickly than C4AF so would be expected to mak...

Re: Gelation in Oil well cement

You need to define what you mean by gelation. If you mean thickening or setting then it is the high pressures and tem...

Re: kiln retainer rings

You would install a retainer ring to hold back the thrust of the refractory lining at the outlet or the end of any se...

Re: KIlN girth gear

You need to look on the websites of companies like FL Smidth.