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Re: Use artificial gypsum for cement

Many cement plants use synthetic or artificial gypsum rather than natural gypsum. There should be no affect on the pr...

Re: Pre-grinder

It seems to me that a redesign is necessary. The old clinker weighfeeder is not designed to contain material with the...

Re: Precalciner

Turk, A low NOx precalciner has staged combustion at different parts of the precalciner to create a zone with reduc...

Re: Volatility of Fluoride

Ted, Your experience seems to be in line with experience reported from elsewhere. Fluoride does not enter into a pr...

Re: Sewage sludge Processing

Sewage sludge is widely used as a biomass alternative fuel in cement kilns in Europe. Best regards Dr Michael Clark

Re: Clinker High Liter Weight and High Free Lime

That is exactly what you would expect to happen.

Re: Static & Dynamic Pressure

Static pressure can be measured at any point in a fluid (a gas or a liquid, in your case the preheater exit gas). You...

Re: Flame

You can only know the length of the flame in the kiln from the shell temperature profile. However, that is only an in...

Re: Kiln operation suggestion.

This sounds like a severe “push” by the kiln. Essentially the material emptied out from the kiln into the cooler at ...

Re: alumina content in refractories

Dogra, In general 25% in preheater, precalciner and calcining zone. Rising to 65% in the upper transition zone. In ...