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Re: Kiln shell heat radiation recovery

I know of no cement plant which is doing this. You must be very careful to ensure that you do not reduce the ...

Re: Cement mill performance drop when use clinker with petcoke firing

By how much did you increase primary air? Did you install a higher capacity blower?

Re: Definition of swirl number of burner

The primary air of a kiln main burner is normally split into "axial" and "swirl" air, with each being a percentage of...

Re: Cement mill performance drop when use clinker with petcoke firing

Dear Tukta, The problem most likely arises from the increased sulphur content of the pet coke. Yo...

Re: kiln shell heat recovery

Hi Yes, the heat loss can be reduced, but the impact on the refractory lining must be considered. This r...

Re: Raw Meal Residue.

Dear MadSniggy, The short answer is no. The optimum kiln feed residue depends on the mineralogy o...

Re: chromium VI in cement

Julien, I do not know of anywhere outside Europe where they are considering imposing limits on the chromium 6 c...

Re: cut size in tromp curve

The cut size should be taken from the main slope of the curve, not the “fish-hook”. The high bypass suggests t...

Re: Liquid calculation formulae @ 1450 deg C temperature

Both are only approximations and do not take into account factors such as solid solution. Whether it is correc...

Re: Cooling of Cement

Christian Pfeiffer.