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Dear Davide, There are a number of reasons why the clinkers might differ, but buying clinker from a VSK would not b...

Re: Mathameticle model

Such models are in existence Jatinder, but customising them to a particular kiln is a major exercise. It is unlikely ...

Re: KIln slippage and hot allignment

Hello Tanveer. The relative movement depends on the diameter and ovality of the kiln. A few centimetres would...

Re: mn 203

Mn2O3 substitutes for Fe2O3 in C4AF. Therefore it will lead to additional flux in the kiln. Anecdotally I hav...

Re: Cement Blain increases

I suspect this may be a problem of the method used to assess the surface area (Blaine) of the limestone. As t...

Re: high strength, lightweight concrete

This isn't our field. Our focus is cement manufacture rather than concrete products.

Re: Cement Grinding Aid

SUDHIR KOPPIKAR: Chemically DEG is used as Grinding Aid. Does anybody has the experience as how does is help ...

Re: cyclone dust loading measurement

You can estimate the collection efficiency of the cyclones by measuring the loss on ignition in each cyclone and t...

Re: ground petcoke transport

There is always a danger of explosions with finely ground coal in air. This danger is lessened for petroeum coke d...

Re: Roller press operation.

You should contact the roller press equipment supplier.