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Re: calciner design:res.time, type, etc

The time to fully combust the fuel is the most important consideration determining the desired residence time of a...

Re: clinker prodcution

I don’t fully understand the question. However, with the addition of slag to the kiln inlet the chemistry of the fres...

Re: Stockpiles

The advantages/disadvantages of circular/longitudinal blending beds are associated with the space available to instal...

Re: kiln ring formation

Formation of rings is a common problem with high chloride and sulphur inputs to cement kilns. One strategy to remove ...

Re: Residence time inside Kiln

I do not know of any such formula. The only way of adjusting the residence time is via the rotational speed of ...

Re: Roller Press

Slag and clinker can be ground together in a roll press. The main problems are associated with the moisture con...

Re: Clinker Dust in tertiary air duct

The normal practice is to have some type of settlement or alternative dust collection mechanism in the tertiary air ...

Re: Cement Plant Benchmarking

Dear Amir, You can contact me on mcc@whitehopleman.com . Our website is www.whitehopleman.com .  Dr Michael Clark 

Re: Grate cooler Plates bolts are Damaging

Dear Amir, My first step would be to ask FLS for their advice.

Re: Thermal Shocks to Burning zone lining due to frequent kiln stoppages.

Dear Amir, No-one can specify a number of stoppages allowed. We all know that the number of stoppages should be mi...