Lafarge Cement to produce ‘lite’ cement, Mauritius

Lafarge Cement to produce ‘lite’ cement, Mauritius
20 December 2010

Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd, cement maker, plans to produce a new type of "lite" cement that contain less cement than required for certain types of work.

Currently, Mauritius imports a single type of cement that is necessarily applied to all uses, for lack of an alternative. Lafarge proposes to expand the range of cements available by producing a mix of traditional cement and powdered basalt.

This mix should be cheaper because it reduces the use of imported cement that is replaced, to some extent, by a local raw material, so far untapped.

Lafarge plans to replace 45% of its production of cement traditional with the new cement mortar, with a production of 120,000t of new cement using only 90,000t of traditional cement.
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