Holcim releases new cement product to general public

Holcim releases new cement product to general public
21 October 2009

Holcim Philippines has released in the market its new Portland cement called Holcim 4X, which it originally supplied only to institutional customers with highly specialized projects.

Holcim 4X is mainly used for ready-mix concrete applications such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and vertical structures that require high-strength cement. It is ideal for general construction that requires optimised concrete mix designs and fast construction cycles due to its high compressive strength and workability.

“With increasing demand for high-strength cement for high-rise buildings and infrastructure, Holcim Philippines decided to make the product available to the general market,” the company said in a statement.

Holcim 4X joins a line of Holcim cement products that include Holcim Excel, the higher early-strength cement for use in general application, and Holcim WallRight, the masonry cement intended specifically for hollow block laying, filling, and plastering.

Ed Sahagun, Holcim senior vice president for sales, marketing, distribution and technical service, said sales were naturally affected in areas that were hit by flood. The slowdown in sales in these areas, he said, will probably continue up to the middle of November as people are still getting themselves ready to move on.

But in Mindanao, he said, Holcim is registering robust sales. It is where the company is now posting the biggest sales’ growth nationwide.

In Southern Mindanao, Sahagun said, Holcim is also making a big headway with the highest growth at 28 percent so far. In the whole of Mindanao, meanwhile, the cement company reported a sales rise of up to 17 per cent.

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