TXI workers called back

TXI workers called back
16 July 2009

Up to 130 workers are being called back this week at the TXI Riverside Cement plant after a nearly 60-day furlough, according to company spokesman Frank Sheetz.

“The layoffs were due to what’s called an inventory control move,” Sheetz said. “The sales were so low that we had a back stock of inventory that needed to be sold before making more.”

He said the plant couldn’t keep manufacturing cement if no one was buying it.

“The lack of building activity in Southern California had a major impact on sales,” he said. “The sales were so low that when it happens we have to quit producing until we can sell off our inventory.”

Sheetz said he is happy to bring the workers back but couldn’t predict how long it will be.

“When the economy is normal we sell our inventory and keep producing,” Sheetz said.

Source: www.vvdailypress.com
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