Cemex UK launches two new products

Cemex UK launches two new products
13 May 2008

Cemex UK has added two new packed products to its  cement range. These are Rugby High Strength Cement and Rugby Post Mix Professional, both of which are ideal for the professional builder or keen do it yourself enthusiast. The new products complement Cemex’s existing packed product range. 

Rugby High Strength Cement is a traditional CEM1 or Portland cement which is suitable for use in general purpose concrete, render and mortar.  It is designed to give higher strength concrete without rapid setting, making it ideal for thinner or more critical applications.  This new product replaces Rugby Rapid Cement.

Rugby Post Mix Professional is designed for both domestic and commercial applications, and is suitable for relatively small applications such as securing road signs, street lamps or bollards and domestically, for installing fence posts.

Post Mix Professional does not require mixing with water before placing in situ, water is added after placing it in position, and it will be set hard within 10 to 15 minutes, depending on ambient temperature.  Its fine 6mm aggregate content ensures a smooth surface finish.

The complete Rugby cement ‘line up’ now consists of the following products:
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