Shortage of cement on Guam hinders construction projects

Shortage of cement on Guam hinders construction projects
24 April 2008

A shortage of cement on Guam is hindering the completion of a number of local construction projects, according to local press reports.

Derek Sadler, of Hanson Permanent Cement, the sole provider of cement to Guam, says shipping problems are to be blamed for the shortage.

Another factor is that the water depth needed for the cement vessel to anchor in port needs to be 10m to fully accommodate the ship and the load of bulk cement it carries.

Mr Sadler says the water depth of the port is about 6m.

The Marianas Variety reports that the situation has raised concerns with contractors and construction companies.

Hawaiian Rock president, Jerold Johnson, says the shortage has occurred at least five times this year and ranges from a couple of days to around two weeks.

He says the company does have a storage supply of cement for customers, but that this can only last so long.

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