Egyptian cement producers raise prices

Egyptian cement producers raise prices
14 January 2008

A number of Egyptian cement companies have raised their prices over the last few weeks, local media reported.  
Egypt’s Suez Cement Co (SCC) boosted its price to 377.5 Egyptian pounds (US$68.34/46.74 euro) per tonne cement from 347.5 pounds ($62.91/43.02 euro) as of January 10, 2008.  
Assiut Cement, a local subsidiary of  Cemex, and Ameriya Cement raised their prices with E£10  ($1.81/1.24 euro) per tonne.  
National Cement Co (NCC) was the first to raise its price the previous week to E£352.5  ($58.93/40.3 euro) from E£320  ($57.93/39.62 euro).  
Egyptian Cement Co (ECC), a subsidiary of  France’s Lafarge, is expected to raise its price as well.  
Cement consumer prices have reached 420 pounds ($76.04/52 euro) per tonne and there will be futhers increases next week, General Division for Building Materials (as given by the source) vice president, Ahmed al-Zeini, said.  
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