Govt Sets Cement Prices, Rwanda

Govt Sets Cement Prices, Rwanda
14 September 2007

The government has set maximum cement prices to check the escalating prices in the country.  
The move is aimed at protecting both the consumers and producers of cement in Rwanda and avert a probable crisis in the economy. 
Cement prices have continuously increased.  
The latest market information indicates that some dealers are selling one sack at Frw11,000.  
A sack of locally manufactured cement originally cost Frw7,000 but presently, the government has fixed it at Frw7,800.  
"There are two issues to note here, one is scarcity and the second is smuggling what little that is available into the Democratic Republic of Congo," said the Minister of Commerce Industry, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Cooporative, Protais Mitali.  
The minister said cement is smuggled into Congo through Lake Kivu but hastened to add that the government is to crack down on suspected smugglers.  
The government is also looking forward to importing more cement in order to check scarcity.   
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