Cement is too expensive in the North, Nigeria

Cement is too expensive in the North, Nigeria
12 September 2007

AN NPP activist, Mr James Zoogah, has made a passionate appeal to President J. A. Kufuor to use his influence on GHACEM, one of the cement producers in Ghana to make their product affordable to the people in North.  
He said the recent astronomical increase in the price of cement meant that it was becoming virtually impossible for those in the North to use the product due to the high price there compared to that of the South.  
According to him even though the country was practising a free market economy, it would be prudent on the part of Government to ensure that there was uniformity in the price of cement across the country.  
Zoogah, an ex-Serviceman and also known as ’Ntemtem’, made the appeal through The Chronicle in Tarkwa at the weekend and called on Ghacem to consider the plight of the people in the North.  
He believed that the President’s intervention by convincing Ghacem to fix prices that are the same nation-wide would not be out of place.  
He also contended that just as prices of petroleum products are the same across the length and breadth of the country, so must that of cement be.  
He said if the people affected by the disaster are to put up solid block houses to prevent a future reoccurrence, then they should also be able to buy the product at the same price as in the South. 
He believed that President Kufuor is a man favoured by God. He said God’s favour upon President Kufuor was manifested soon after he took office.  
He added that the decision by developed countries to write off Ghana’s foreign debts had also helped President Kufuor’s Government to perform creditably.
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