Cement company plans ’dome’ silo

Cement company plans ’dome’ silo
11 August 2006

Plans have been submitted by the Bermuda Cement Company to construct the new cement storage and distribution centre, freeing up the old site for future historical and tourism-orientated development. The twin tower cement storage silos at Dockyard could soon be replaced by a less visually intrusive 90ft high 100ft diameter dome-shaped silo a few hundred yard further south on Freeport Drive.

Bermuda’s main cement storage facility has had a chequered history of late due to a drawn out dispute over lease agreements between the cement firm and landlord the West End Development Company. A resolution was finally reached earlier this year and the Cement Company this week submitted detailed plans to build the new facility at Dockyard.

Bermuda Cement Company, which is now 40 years old, currently imports 50,000t of cement a year from Mexican supplier Cemex. Advantages listed in the planning application for having the cement operation 500 feet further south from the present twin tower silos is the proximity to a deep water dock that allows the cement transport ships to dock and unload cargo straight into the silo.
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