Pavilion Technologies launchesPavilion8

Pavilion Technologies launchesPavilion8
28 April 2005

Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in advanced process control and environmental compliance solutions, announced today the availability of Pavilion8(TM), an integrated software suite that enables process manufacturers to improve profitability by increasing production, reducing variable costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Leveraging Pavilion8, Pavilion now delivers industry-specific solutions to manufacturers via its innovative ValueFirst(TM) customer engagement methodology that guarantees complete satisfaction.

Pavilion8-based applications have been successfully implemented by leading North American, European and Asian companies across the cement, chemical, dairy and polymer industries. Early adopters of Pavilion8 include Capitol Cement, Chevron-Phillips Chemical, Fonterra Group, Nova Chemicals, SABIC EuroPetrochemicals and Sterling Chemicals.

"The release of Pavilion8 is further confirmation of Pavilion’s commitment to driving customer value through its solutions," said ARC Advisory Group’s Tom Fiske. "The improvements in usability, control and performance management all greatly support their ValueFirst(TM) methodology and represent a real opportunity for manufacturers to improve their operational performance."

Pavilion8 combines capabilities for modeling, control, monitoring, analysis, visualization and integration within a flexible Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Pavilion8-based industry solutions are easier to use, deliver greater value and expose their benefits better than alternatives.

"With Pavilion8, we are fully delivering on the promise of ValueFirst," said Pavilion CEO Ralph Carter. "Our people, processes and now our products are all aligned on one objective, delivering the highest possible value to our customers."

About Pavilion8

Pavilion8 is built on a core foundation of more than 100 patents in process modeling, industrial control and optimization coupled with deep industry domain knowledge. Key features include:

Contextual, Role-based Visualization -- A modern, browser-based interface presents application information and performance metrics based on a user’s organizational role. The new interface fosters rapid product adoption, reduces training costs and facilitates improved application performance.

Hybrid Modeling -- The new approach extends standard empirical techniques to enable systematic use of both process data and first-principles equations in model development. The hybrid approach yields highly accurate models of manufacturing processes very quickly, reducing application implementation time and improving performance.

Parametric Control -- New online control and dynamic optimization capabilities deliver more precise management of processes over their full operating range. The integrated optimization allows manufacturers to drive production targets based on economic, process and equipment constraints. Benefits include maximized process performance based on business objectives, reduced application maintenance costs and support for new product introductions.

Advanced Performance Metrics -- Exploiting integrated model-based analytics, applications can be pre-configured with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are automatically collected, aggregated, calculated and stored for viewing via the role-based interface. A single, common view of historic, real-time and predicted production performance provides maximized application performance with a lower total cost of ownership than comparable solutions.

Service-Oriented Architecture

The fully J2EE-compliant web services interface enables seamless integration with data warehouses, historians, ERP applications and distributed controls systems from a variety of suppliers. Pavilion8 applications are portable across Microsoft(R) and UNIX operating systems and leverage industry standards such as XML, SOAP, JDBC, and OPC to ensure a secure, scalable implementation.

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