UAE producers told to assess environmental impact

UAE producers told to assess environmental impact
10 April 2012

Cement producers operating in the UAE have been instructed to assess the environmental impact of operations by Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water.

The order issued on Monday is aimed at streamlining the activities of cement plants nationwide. It orders the factories to plant trees to cover at least five per cent of the external borders and form a green belt around the plant.

 "Cement factories should monitor and follow up health and safety activities related to the environment in their surroundings. The provisions of the resolution are applicable on all existing and new cement factories across the country, taking into account the decisions issued by the competent authorities," a ministry spokesman said.

Producers will have to prepare a report assessing the environmental impact by an environmental consulting firm and measure dust emissions and send monthly monitoring reports to the Ministry and relevant authorities.

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