INC reactivates its clinker kiln, Paraguay

INC reactivates its clinker kiln, Paraguay
18 April 2012

Following a two-week shutdown, Industria Nacional de Cemento (INC) yesterday reactivated its clinker kiln, according to the state company.? 

Having heated up the kiln, input of raw materials is expected to start today, company president of INC, Edgar Acosta Alcaraz. The stoppage took place, as with previous occasions, was due to a lack of fuel oil that was not supplied in time by the company’s official provider, Petropar.

Petropar had already supplied 30,000m3 of fuel to last at least six months. However, if the company does not start the process soon of acquiring another 30,000m3, then at year's end there could be a new stoppage, Alcaraz noted.

“They are getting the first shipments of fuel oil,” he said, “and by that time you have 2000m3. However, larger barges are due to arrive in three days that bring over larger quantities. In total, 12,000m3 must now arrive.” (Source: ABC Color, Paraguay).

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