Pakistan cement exports earn US$339m in 9MFY2011-12

Pakistan cement exports earn US$339m in 9MFY2011-12
25 April 2012

During 9MFY2011-12 (July-March), Pakistan cement exporters saw recovery in cement exports in terms of value. In Pakistani currency, the export also rose by 6.06%. In addition, the average cement price improved.

The Pakistan cement manufacturer and exporters  exported 6.51Mt of cement and earned US$339.208m compared to 6.72Mt at US$329.696m in the corresponding period last year. The figures indicate that cement exports fell by 3.07% in terms of volumes but increased 2.89% in terms of dollar value YoY, according to data released by Federal Bureau of Statistics, Government of Pakistan today. However, export values edged up 6.06% when the Pakistani currency was considered.

The average export price of cement increased by 5.12% YoY to US$52.11/t  from US$49.09.

But March 2012 alone saw the country exporting 654,600t of cement and earning US$36.081m compared to 746,853t at US$29.850m in February 2012. This reflects a MoM volume decline of 12.35% but a 21% rise in dollar terms. YoY, the figures represent a 19.23% fall from 810,455t and a 7.11% contraction from US$38.844m.

Exports to Afghanistan increased 1.7% YoY from 3.279Mt to 3.335Mt in 9MFY2011-12 but the real advance was made in exports to India, which showed a considerable expansion of 26.28% from 382,763t to 483,337t over the same period. A further 2.66Mt was shipped to destinations including Sri Lanka, the Middle East, East and South Africa.

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