Industry welcomes government investment in biofuels technology

Industry welcomes government investment in biofuels technology
29 June 2012

The Cement Association of Canada has applauded the  Government of Canada's announcement that it will invest almost $1million in Ontario-based Pond Biofuels towards the advancement of Canadian biofuel technology and expertise. This investment will be made under the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario's Investing in Business Innovation initiative.

The contribution will help Pond Biofuels complete a pilot demonstration of a technology developed jointly with St Marys Cement to capture and convert CO2 and other emissions from the cement manufacturing process into oxygen and biomass. Biomass is a feedstock for a wide range of high value products such as biodiesel and other biofuels.

"This technology pioneered by Pond Biofuels, in partnership with St Marys Cement, speaks to the Canadian cement industry's commitment to innovation and commitment to reducing its carbon footprint," said Michael McSweeney, President and CEO of the Cement Association of Canada. "Government support plays a critical role in fostering innovation and we warmly welcome the investment in this groundbreaking initiative as an important step in the future of sustainable development for Canada's cement industry."

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