Lafarge Dunbar receives quarry equipment, UK

Lafarge Dunbar receives quarry equipment, UK
03 October 2012

Quarry operators at Lafarge Cement’s Dunbar Works are celebrating the arrival of some brand new four dumper trucks – measuring five metres to the top of the cab – and one giant excavator, managed under a contract hire arrangement, which have been given the thumbs up by operators including Dunbar-based Gerry Donnellan, production operator.
He says he and fellow workers are finding the machines ideally suited to the challenging quarry conditions and make work more enjoyable.  “The new kit has additional safety features, like advanced braking and steering, so it’s easier to work in slippery conditions,” he says. “There’s less noise and vibration within the cab too, making a shift less tiring.”
The new equipment also delivers greater efficiency as the trucks can carry more to the stone crusher with far less down time through repairs than the old machinery could manage – each load is 80t on average compared with 65t previously.
Dave Hurcombe, quarry manager, says: “The safety and comfort of our quarry workforce is very important.  This investment has already paid off with happier operators and increased productivity through the primary crusher within the first half of this year.”
The new fleet is managed under an existing service contract that involves regular maintenance to keep it in good running order.

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