Bolivian government and cement companies agree to increase output

Bolivian government and cement companies agree to increase output
21 December 2012

Bolivia’s government and local cement producers have agreed to raise cement production by 17 per cent next year, taking the current figure of 3Mta to 3.5Mta.

Deputy Minister for Medium- and Large-Scale Industrial Production, Camilo Morales, said yesterday that the agreement was the result of his meeting on Monday with representatives of Soboce, Coboce and Fancesa as well as executives of the Bolivian Chamber of Construction (Caboco).??"This year we are closing with about 3Mt of cement and next year, with investments by Soboce, Fancesa and Coboce, would reach 3.5Mt at least exceed the current demand," he said.

Cement companies are currently expanding kiln and plant capacities to enable higher production figures. Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento (Soboce) is expected to put its three kilns into operation next year which will allow it to increase output by 0.1Mta.

On 7 December, the Soboce National Planning manager, Rene Sanchez, said that by the end of this year the company will complete the natural gas connection at the Viacha plant, which will produce more than 0.7Mta of cement.

Meanwhile, Fábrica Nacional de Cemento (Fancesa) is currently testing its new Kawasaki kiln which will raise production by 0.3Mta.

Cooperativa Boliviana de Cemento, Industrias y Servicios (Coboce) is in the final stage to implement its new plant to double its output. The company’s general manager, Fernando Quiroga, said the US$120m investment will allow the producer to manufacture an extra 45,000 bags per day, more than doubling the present output of 30,000 bags per day.

Between January and October 2012, Bolivia’s cement companies produced 2.2Mt of cement, according to the Bolivian Institute of Cement and Concrete (IBCH).

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