A TEC supplies calciner upgrade to Cement Hranice, Czech Republic

A TEC supplies calciner upgrade to Cement Hranice, Czech Republic
02 September 2013

A TEC has been awarded a calciner upgrade contract from Cement Hranice, the Czech Republic unit of Buzzi Unicem, involving the the engineering, supply of equipment, steel structure, erection and civil works.

With the combustion of alternative fuels, the necessary retention time for complete combustion in the calciner has been increased. The retention time in the new calcining system (hot gas chamber, calciner and post combustion chamber) will be approximately seven seconds. The new time allows the usage of high amounts of alternative fuel (up to 100 per cent in the calciner). Additionally, heat consumption will be reduced by total combustion in the calciner. In addition, NOx levels will be reduced.

At the top of the calcining system an A TEC Post Combustion Chamber (PCC) for optimised gas mixing and an increase in retention time will be installed. At the existing main burner, refuse derived fuel (which is the main burner quality), coal and animal meal as well as natural gas (for start-up only) will be used.

On the calciner side there are three fuel input positions. The main fuel input will be from the top into the hot gas chamber (HGC). At this position, RDF (calciner quality) will be used. The intake for shredded tyres is unchanged. The existing calciner burner will be moved from the existing position to the calciner. The tertiary air distribution and the oxygen control are carried out by several dampers.

The calciner upgrade will be installed and started up in February 2014

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