VDZ honours Duncan Herfort for outstanding contribution to cement production

VDZ honours Duncan Herfort for outstanding contribution to cement production
27 September 2013

Duncan Herfort, chief scientist of Cementir Holding SpA (Aalborg Portland), has been awarded the Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize for his outstanding work in the field of cement production at the 7th International VDZ Congress in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Mr Herfort was particularly recognised for his major achievements in the field of cement chemistry. The jury underlined the various renowned scientific publications he has written on the interactions of cement constituents and their effects on cement hydration. His central focus has been on the use of limestone, calcined clay and metakaoline and their impact on product properties, putting this into the important context of clinker performance. “This not only contributes to a deeper understanding of the influence of the cement production proc-ess on the cement properties, but also opens up possibilities for further optimisation of the production process,” VDZ said in a statement.

'Buiding bridges'

In her laudatory speech, Prof. Karen Scrivener highlighted the fact that Mr Herfort has always been able to build bridges between the industry and the academic world, filling both with enthusiasm for his research activities. She also underlined the high practical relevance of his research work which 'substantially contributes to a deeper understanding of how the use of hydraulic binders and material interactions can influence the performance and durability of concrete.'

Besides process optimisation and the use of alternative fuels, cement production based on several main constituents offers a major potential for minimizing process-related CO2 emissions. In this context, Mr Herfort's research has addressed the important role that limestone plays as a cement constituent.

Recognising pioneering contributions

The EUR30,000 prize is awarded every two years in appreciation of pioneering contributions to research or professional achievements in the invention and/or development of application or manufacturing processes in the field of hydraulic binders. Targets groups are representatives from universities, research departments of scientific and technological institutes and research departments in the construction and building materials industry. This year the prize is being awarded for the fourth time.

Since 1994, the Drs Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff Foundation in the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft has made a substantial contribution to promoting young scientists and rewarding extraordinary achievements in the field of cement-based building sciences and technologies. As stated in the announcement of the Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize, “liveable homes and workplaces in an intact environment require economic and ecological efficiency through intelligent use of the available material and energy resources”. Against this back-ground, existing and yet to be researched manufacturing and application technologies for cement must be evaluated and encouraged with creative impulses.

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