Titan looks to boost energy supplies in Egypt

Titan looks to boost energy supplies in Egypt
23 October 2013

Titan Cement Company has begun discussions with Egypt’s Ministries of Petroleum to boost its energy supplies.

In an interview with Egypt Daily News, Titan Cement Company executive VP, Medhat Stephanos, said some Egyptian cement factories have had to scale back production and distribution by an average of 24 per cent due to low and intermittent supplies of natural gas.

However, the company has opened dialogue with the Ministries of Petroleum to explore new options: “We have already submitted possible solutions to Supreme Council of Energy which they will review and take the proper decisions.” Proposals included using “clean energy such as coal,” and refining solid and agriculture waste to make it usable as an alternative source of energy," Mr Stephanos noted.

In mid-September the government issued a decision stating that energy-intensive factories would now be required to meet a portion of their needs using solar and wind power following a meeting held by the High Energy Committee. Ahmed Imam, Minister of Electricity and Energy, stated that the decision will seek to have high energy consuming factories meet 50 per cent of their needs using new and renewable energy sources, specifically wind energy factories funded through the private sector, capable of producing 970MW of energy.

The Ministry further stated that it hoped that by 2020, 20 per cent of Egypt’s energy needs would be met through renewable sources. Imam stated that operating permits would only be granted to high consumption factories on the condition that they meet the specified portion of their needs using new and renewable energy sources. Prices per kWh will be determined by the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency. The decision is expected to take effect by the beginning of 2015.

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