Indonesia cement consumption rises in October

Indonesia cement consumption rises in October
18 November 2013

Indonesian cement sales in October 2013 increased 7.9 per cent (YoY) to 5.58Mt, according to data from the Indonesia Cement Association (ASI). Therefore, cement sales picked up further from the 5.3 per cent growth (YoY) in the previous month. The October growth rate was mainly caused by increased cement demand from islands other than Java. In particular, demand from Sumatra rose significantly, the association said. Indonesia's second most-populous island bought 1.15Mt of cement.

Despite Indonesia's GDP growth having slowed to 5.62 per cent in the 3Q13 (YoY), increasing cement sales in October suggest that there has been a small surge in property and infrastructure projects as both components account for almost 100 per cent of the country's cement consumption. Although cement demand increased more in the islands outside Java, the latter continues to account for most cement demand.

In October, Java, Indonesia's most populous island, bought 3.2Mt of cement, equivalent to 57 per cent of the nation's total cement consumption.

In the January-October 2013 period, cement sales in Indonesia rose 5.8 per cent to 47.2Mt.

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