Loesche to launch subsidiary in Indonesia

Loesche to launch subsidiary in Indonesia
18 December 2013

Loesche is to open a new subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia, scheduled to be fully operational by 1 January 2014.

Indonesia is becoming an increasingly-important market for Loesche with the company having received  "a substantial number of new orders for its specialist equipment," the Germany-based equipment supplier said in a statement. "And, with a growing population of mills in the cement and other industries, the company has reached the position where it needs expert staff on-the-spot to guarantee, that projects are completed on time, and to budget and handle the growing market for spare parts and service," it added.

The new subsidiary in Indonesia will be managed by Detlef Blumke, who joined Loesche in 1990 and since 2006 has been head of the company’s commissioning department and deputy-director of Loesche’s technical field service.

“In his new position, he will have responsibility for all management activities at PT Loesche lndonesia. This will involve establishing PT Loesche Indonesia in the Asian market, as well as developing strategies and concepts for the company to become a new regional service hub for the Loesche group,” Dr Kirchmann Loesche’s joint CEO, stated.

“Indonesia is central to economic development within Southeast Asia,” Mr Blumke commented, “and Loesche has responded by making itself much more accessible to its customers on an-in country basis," he added.

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