Bangladesh: cement businesses disrupted by political unrest

Bangladesh: cement businesses disrupted by political unrest
20 December 2013

Bangladesh's cement industry is being affected by political unrest in the country with blockades and disruption to transport routes. The supply of raw materials from port and cement exports to India have also been disturbed.

The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led 18-party alliance has called number of times for the blockade of roads, rail- and waterways to press the government for its demands. The last blockade programme was ended on 19 December while the alliance has also announced the fifth spell of the blockade which will continue next week.

The Bangladesh¹s Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) has requested government to resolve the political issues with opposition parties and save the country's economy. A statement said: "The blockades have disrupted transport across the country affecting both movement of people and goods. If transport suffers, production will suffer as well. This will drive up prices of all commodities."

Besides, the continuous nationwide non-cooperation programme is likely to begin from 1 January to foil the parliamentary election scheduled for 5 January.

According to Chittagong Port Authority (CPA), the main Bangladesh sea port, there are currently a queue of vessels waiting outside of port wanting to secure berth to offload their clinker. These ships include: Chang You, Iyo Wind (52524t), Glovis Maine (49500t), Thai Binh Bay (12503t), Ramsi (36500t) and Great Royal(27452t). But slow work at the port has disrupted import and exports.

Media reports suggest that export-import with the neighbouring countries, mostly with India, through land ports and custom points remained almost suspended due to ongoing political unrest.

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