Swiss cement industry to solve future raw materials shortage

Swiss cement industry to solve future raw materials shortage
27 January 2014

Five out of six cement plants in Switzerland are expected to run out of limestone and marl over the next 10-15 years. As their existing quarries border areas with protected status as landscapes of national significance, they can not be readily expanded.

“We have to find a solution that enables a reduction in these areas,” says Georges Spicher, director of cement association cemsuisse.

However, the negotiations with the federal government, the cantons and communities are likely to be difficult, because these areas enjoy absolute protection. As a result this raises the question whether Switzerland can be supplied by domestically-produced cement at all. For Georges Spicher, the case is clear: “The cement industry is important for Switzerland. The housing market is growing. The country needs roads, bridges, schools and dams. Everywhere there is need for cement. In addition, several thousand jobs in Switzerland are at stake.”

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