Algeria to become net exporter?

Algeria to become net exporter?
06 August 2014

Algeria's cement imports have increased by 30 per cent to US$283.9m in 1H14, according to the country's Customs Office.

In terms of volumes, imports reached 3.086Mt in the six first months of 2014, up 26.6 per cent when compared with 2.438Mt in 1H13, said the National Information and Statistics Office.

However, Algeria's current cement shortage could be reversed in the next few years as several new plants enter service.

The most recent project, funded by the National Investment Council (CNI), is the 8Mta Issad Rebrab cement works at El Khroub, Constantine. It follows the 2.2Mta joint venture between Hodna Cement Co and PPC of South Africa, completed in February, the 6Mta Biskra cement plant in Cilas (a joint venture between Algeria's Abdenour Souakri and Lafarge) and several GICA cement projects which add 11.5Mta to the annual production figure.

If all projects are carried out successfully, this will increase production capacity by 28Mta.

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