Taiheiyo Cement's Singapore additions

Taiheiyo Cement's Singapore additions
10 June 2015

Taiheiyo Cement, which operates a cement terminal in Singapore through Singapore Cement Manufacturing (SCMC), a joint venture with Singapore-based Hong Leong Asia Ltd, announced the completion of a new 24,000t cement silo at SCMC's cement terminal.

Infrastructure investment, including subway and highway construction, is driving the robust cement market in Singapore and fueling demand for low-heat-type cement as a way to prevent thermal cracking in concrete structures with large cross-sections.

New cement type
Coinciding with SCMC's construction of its new silo, Taiheiyo Cement has developed a new type of cement which is specifically formulated to satisfy Singapore's local quality needs. This new export-oriented product, which is manufactured using Portland cement and admixture ingredients such as fly ash from coal-fired power plants, qualifies as type CEM II as defined by Singapore's cement quality standard (SS EN 197-1).

The new cement was developed specifically for the local environment in Singapore, which differs significantly from that in Japan, to yield benefits such as greater resistance to thermal cracking thanks to its low-heat and low-shrinkage characteristics, higher long-term strength, improved workability, and lower alkali-silica reactivity.

In addition, the product is certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) and therefore carries a Green Label in recognition of its environmental friendliness which was demonstrated during a series of tests carried out with the cooperation of local users and experts. SCMC also used the new cement in the construction of its new silo, and in the process verified its performance.

Taiheiyo plans to manufacture the product using fly ash that has been selected, formulated and managed with the cooperation of domestic Japanese power companies. It is expected to contribute to effective use of fly ash from newly built coal-fired power plants in Japan, where such plants are forecast to generate more ash in the future. Going forward, SCMC plans to use the new silo for CEM II, complementing its Ordinary Portland Cement, and expanding its business through the supply of new cement that meets local needs.

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