Paraguay: demand up 8%, prices to fall 15%

Paraguay: demand up 8%, prices to fall 15%
08 January 2016

In 2015 Paraguayan cement producer Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) sold 12.4m bags of cement, an increase of eight per cent YoY, according to Jorge Méndez, CEO of INC.

Mr Méndez also said that the previously-loss-making company had racked up 28 consecutive months of profits and saw its profit reach around PYG42bn during this time. Since March the company has been able to reduce the cost of cement and a further US$22m in savings are expected as a new fuel system is expected to drop costs. As a result, he expects the price of cement to fall by 15 per cent.

He added that the installation of a new pozzolan dryer and the completion of a new cement delivery system are helping the company making significant advances. In addition, the winning of two lawsuits with significant amounts also helped and were considered as savings for the company.

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