USA: Survey to find most commonly-produced cement

USA: Survey to find most commonly-produced cement
Published: 14 June 2016

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Type II cement is the most common Portland cement type produced in the US and Type IL is the most common blended cement produced, according to a recent PCA report. The results of the PCA’s survey othat the Product Standard and Technology Committee conducted in 2015 are presented in - Chemical and Physical Characteristics of US Hydraulic Cements: 2014.

Although Type II cements have been the most widely-produced cement for some time, Type IL cements have only been defined in US specifications since 2012. The environmental benefits of Portland limestone cements have lead to a relatively rapid acceptance of these cements in the marketplace.

The survey compiled yearly average data on physical and chemical characteristics of commercially-available cements manufactured in the US in 2014, focussing on characteristics referenced in specifications.

Included is a summary of 134 Portland cements manufactured under ASTM C150/AASHTO M 85, 28 blended cements produced under ASTM C595/AASHTO M 240, 11 hydraulic cements produced under ASTM C1157, 66 ASTM C91 masonry cements, eight ASTM C1328 plastic (stucco) cements, and four ASTM C1329 mortar cements.