Indonesia: PT Tripa Semen Aceh plant faces legal objection

Indonesia: PT Tripa Semen Aceh plant faces legal objection
05 August 2016

The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) has filed the lawsuit against Aceh Tamiang district head Hamdan Sati, becasue the licence that PT Tripa Semen Aceh was given to establish a factory and a mine on 2549ha of land, in Kaloy village, threatens the Leuser Ecosystem and the community's clean water.

The licence issued is said to be counter to the 2015 Aceh Government Law, which states that the management of the Leuser Ecosystem must adhere to certain principles of sustainable use, and a 2014 energy ministry decree on mining, claims enivronmental site Mongabay.

The nationally protected Leuser Ecosystem is one of Southeast Asia’s last great rainforests. “If the cement firm is allowed to operate, the community’s clean water will be lost, drained not just by oil palm plantations but also by the cement plant,” Walhi Aceh advocacy chief Muhammad Nasir said.

Tamiang Hulu subdistrict is already home to oil palm plantations covering more than 7400ha, controlled by six companies, according to Walhi.

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