Caribbean Cement Co invests US$5.5m to double output

Caribbean Cement Co invests US$5.5m to double output
26 September 2016

Following a US$5.5m investment to increase its capacity, Caribbean Cement Co Ltd has promised its customers that the restricted supply of its cement on the market will be rectified within 72h. The company noted that there had been reports of a flitch in the supply chain to local markets, but this has since been addressed and normal delivery times and volumes have been restored.

A statement from Caribbean Cement read, “In recent months the company has embarked on a JAD700m (or US$5.5m) overhaul of the kiln and one of our cement mills at our Rockfort plant, which are in desperate need of upgrade as they were operating below their optimal capacity. In anticipation of this work, our inventories were increased to satisfy any downturn in supply.

“Despite those actions, during that period, our supply to the market was at 90 per cent of peak demand, leading to a slight rationing of supply. During the next 24 hours, the kiln and mill will return to normal operation, and our capacity to produce will be at double the island's peak demand for cement.”

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