Kenya: MD hands out customer service at Savannah Cement

Kenya: MD hands out customer service at Savannah Cement
04 October 2016

Truck drivers, building, and construction customers visiting the Savannah Cement manufacturing plant in Athi River, along Namanga road, has a surprise on Monday after finding the factory gates and weighbridge being managed by the managing director.

This was 'Customer Service Week' at Savannah Cement, managing director Ronald Ndegwa and his management staff, switched roles with their factory floor colleagues to better understand the critical roles played by every member across the key customer touch points, and additionally enforce teamwork as we strive to deliver our promise of a differentiated and intentional customer experience.

Cynthia Nkirote, Savannah Cement's customer experience manager said: “This exercise that featured the leadership team taking time off to manage the customer touch points goes a long way in appreciating the staff who handle the crucial dockets," Nkirote said. "At Savannah Cement, we strive to entrench a superior customer experience and our commitment for the same goes beyond the customer service week as attested by the presence of our senior leadership team."

"It is not common to be received at a factory gate with a smile or to be treated with utmost respect and honour in many manufacturing environments, however, at Savannah Cement, this has become a culture to cherish," Duncan Njoroge, a driver with New Muthikonju, one of the main local distributors, explained.

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