Irish Cement AF proposal receives backlash

Irish Cement AF proposal receives backlash
10 November 2016

Willie O’Dea, technical director or Fianna Fáil (Irish political party) has accused Irish Cement of “an illegitimate and wrongful attempt” to influence a planning decision after company bosses insinuated that it may not have a future in the region should its plans to switch to alternative fuels be blocked.

Irish Cement’s EUR10m proposal will apparently secure the future of 80 jobs and see fossil fuels gradually phased out over ten years, to be replaced with the burning of tyres and waste which otherwise would be sent to landfill.

The company’s plans have proved unpopular, with over 1000 submissions sent to the EPA, which would ultimately be the body awarding Irish Cement the license to operate, as well as 80 objections to Limerick City and County Council. Concerns raised on the matter mainly relate to health and safety issues, with fears that burning the tyres and waste products will produce toxic emissions such as dioxins and furans.

Brian Gilmore, Irish Cement’s head of communications, said: “Without this move to improve the sustainability of the plant, the jobs would be significantly at risk.”

A spokesperson for Irish Cement stressed that the proposed new process does not involve incineration, despite what many objectors are claiming.

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