UK: Holcim Belgium supports Brighton Marina project

UK: Holcim Belgium supports Brighton Marina project
14 November 2016

Holcim Belgium has been working with Subcon Europe NV on the Brighton Marina Caisson Remediation Project by providing assistance with logistics and product deliveries. In the first phase, the scope comprises of the bulk remediation grouting on 10 caissons, part of the Brighton Marina East Breakwater.

The challenge was to create a ‘floating’ concrete plant on the inside of the Marina, as there was no space on the sea wall. The transport of the aggregates could be solved using split barges, but cement was a very different story as silo trucks could not reach the two storage silos (capacity of  each 45t).

Holcim Belgium delivered a total of 2700t of cement over three trips from Antwerp using its pneumatic self-discharging cement carrier ‘MV Ronez', hired from Ronez Ltd, part of Aggregate Industries UK (also member of the LafargeHolcim Group). When it arrived at the Brighton Marina, the cement was discharged onto the silo barge Tia II at a rate of 130tph. Tia II could then supply both storage silos, depending on the needs of the ‘floating’ concrete plant.

Claudia Albertini, CEO of Holcim Belgium: “We are very pleased to have been able to contribute to this great project, which serves as a perfect location for leisure and employment. The project was perfectly managed by Subcon for an efficient and on-time delivery.”  
Holcim Belgium therefore provided a solution through its 'preferred partner’ Gitra bvba, who operates different self-discharging silo barges (sole player in the European market). Gitra’s contribution consisted of the delivery of a silo barge ‘Tia II’ (capacity of 1.281t), that served as a 'floating silo' on the inside of the Brighton Marina.

Brighton Marina, the largest Marina complex in Europe and situated on the England’s south coast, was concepted almost 40 years ago. It consists of a harbour, a village square with shops and restaurants, a hotel, a casino, flats and houses, a multistorey car park and a cinema complex that are protected by huge reinforced concrete caissons.

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