Tanzania: workshop looks to attract more women to the cement sector

Tanzania: workshop looks to attract more women to the cement sector
12 December 2016

Tanga Cement PLC Communications and External Affairs Manager, Mtanga Noor, said women can be industry leaders in the cement sector.

She was speaking in regard to the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) workshop on the role of women in the fifth-phase government industrialisation drive campaign that was held recently in Dar es Salaam.

Ms Mtanga said that they spent TZS8m (US$3666) to sponsor the workshop but they want to see women integrating in brick making or producing as path in the construction building and industries. "We are promoting women to come in the cement producing business, while giving them platforms to discuss on the best way so that they can become large investors in the near future," she added.

Addressing during the TWCC workshop the chamber’s Chairperson and Trade Expert, Jacqueline Maleko said that the workshop was aimed to bring together women entrepreneurs and discuss on how they can tap investment opportunities in the country.

"This platform brings together women and give them an opportunity to understand their economic role to tap the existing investment opportunities in textile, manufacturing, cement and other various businesses," she said.

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