Canada: McInnis Cement plant nears completion

Canada: McInnis Cement plant nears completion
17 January 2017

The new Port Daniel-Gascons cement plant of McInnis Cement, Canada, was completed for nearly 90 per cent in December, according to company reports.

"The completion of the construction of the cement plant and the deepwater terminal is proceeding smoothly with a full workforce ready to put the finishing touches to this ambitious project,” said a McInnis spokesperson.

Propelled by an increase in the pace of work during the day, night and weekend, a full workforce – up to 1500 on certain days – aims to bring the cement plant online in spring 2017.

As a result of the accelerated work rate, several milestones are being reached, including the initiation of quarrying, tests on the crushers and conveyors that transport the limestone from the quarry to the raw material storage and the arrival of other raw materials to the deepwater terminal. Further steps are expected to follow soon: the crushing of raw materials, clinker production, cement grinding and the shipping of the finished product, said McInnis Cement.

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