New orders for Gebr Pfeiffer in South Asia

New orders for Gebr Pfeiffer in South Asia
20 April 2017

Gebr Pfeiffer has announced that it has received orders for its MVR grinding technology for two South Asia-based cement plants.

Wonder Cement switches to Gebr Pfeiffer vertical roller mill for cement grinding
Wonder Cement has selected Gebr Pfeiffer’s MVR 6000 C-6 with a 5280kW drive mill for cement grinding at its cement plant Nardana, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It will produce mixed cements with finenesses of up to five per cent  R45µm.

Until now, the customer has used combined grinding plants from another supplier for the grinding of cement. "Besides the lower specific energy consumption of the MVR mill, the fact that it can be used for grinding and simultaneously drying moist feed materials played a key role his buying decision," Gebr Pfeiffer noted. In India there is a growing trend towards stored fly ash replacing the use of dry fly ash from coal power plants as a cement constituent. This type of fly ash, stored in the open, has a very high moisture content and – if processed in a grinding system different from the MVR mill – would have to be dried separately, Gebr Pfeiffer continues. The customer’s engineering team called in Holtec and the consultant's positive experiences with Gebr Pfeiffer MVR mills (which are in operation in other Indian cement works) led it to suggest that Wonder Cement change its grinding system and switch to a Pfeiffer MVR mill.

The customer was particularly keen on grinding relatively hot clinker in the mill, while at the same time, reducing the cement outlet temperature from the mill. Added to this was the fact that the concept offered the possibility of using cold clinker from stockpiles.

The core components of the mill, such as tension system and grinding rollers, will be supplied by Gebr Pfeiffer, Germany. The grinding bowl and the gearboxes for mill and classifier will also be supplied from Europe.

The parts for housing and foundation, the supports for the grinding rollers and most of the parts of the integrated high-efficiency classifier of the type SLS 5600 BC will be provided by Gebr Pfeiffer (India). It will also supply most of the equipment required to complete the grinding plant, including plant fan. For all components which will be procured by the customer, he will receive the corresponding specifications.

Delivery is scheduled to be effected before the end of this year.

Gebr Pfeiffer has already supplied four MPS mills to Wonder Cement for raw material and petcoke grinding,

Cherat Cement opts for the MVR and MultiDrive®
Over in Pakistan, Cherat Cement, which is currently extending its existing cement works, has also selected the Gebr Pfeiffer MVR mill together with MultiDrive®. The order was placed by general contractor TCDRI.

The MVR 6300 C-6 mill is designed to grind 365pth of OPC to a fineness of 3200cm²/g according to Blaine. The MultiDrive, featuring a total drive power of 7800kW, consists of four independent drive units.

The MVR mill will be delivered in 2018.

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