Adelaide Brighton awards power contract to Infigen

Adelaide Brighton awards power contract to Infigen
28 November 2017

Australia’s Adelaide Brighton has awarded Infigen Energy’s Lake Bonney wind farm the contract to supply power to two cement plants north of Adelaide and a quarry on Yorke Peninsula.

The deal is understood to extend over five years and involve a larger volume of power than the 88GWh transaction signed last week with Pacific Hydro by 14 firms, cities and municipal agency, reports the Australian Financial Review.

The Adelaide Brighton deal will involve supply from Infigen's existing portfolio, primarily from the Lake Bonney venture in German Flat, South Australia, Infigen CEO, Ross Rolfe, was quoted as saying.
Adelaide Brighton CEO, Martin Brydon, said the building products maker "sought a direct relationship with a generator able to deliver firm price over the long-term, given electricity is an important input to our overall business". 

"Certainty of supply and cost in a changing market environment is essential to Adelaide Brighton and achieving this while supporting renewable based generation is a positive additional outcome," Mr Brydon said.

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