New bulk cement terminal for Ciego de Ávila

 New bulk cement terminal for Ciego de Ávila
21 May 2018

A distribution terminal for bulk cement is currently being constructed in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba. The terminal will help supply the area with 8000tpm of cement, needed for the social and economic development of Ávila.

The new distribution point is located close to the railroad. Product will be unloaded to the current set of four silos, said Juan Carlos Gálvez Gálvez, the terminal’s director. Each terminal has a capacity of 320t. A fifth terminal is expected to be completed by the end of May while by the end of the year, the assembly and use of the last container is planned.

The construction of hotels in the northern parts of Ávila, the expansion of hospitals in Morón and the public housing programme is expected to receive bulk cement via the terminal.

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