Mozambique customs service seizes 1440t of cement at border

Mozambique customs service seizes 1440t of cement at border
14 June 2018

The Mozambican customs service has defended the seizure on 2 June of 28,800 sacks of cement (1440t) imported from South Africa, despite the insistence by the importing company, Kawena, that such imports are exempt from customs duty.

The press attaché of the National Customs Directorate, Fernando Tinga, said that the seizure of the imported cement was because Kawena did not present the legally-required documentation at the time. The train hauling the wagons loaded with cement entered Mozambique at the Ressano Garcia border post, where customs officers are permanently on duty, and Tinga said the relevant documents should have been presented to these officers.

Kawena representative Candido Bila admitted admitted that, when the cement crossed the border, the company did not have the necessary documents, but Kawena submitted the documents to the customs authorities two days later.

Mr Tinga said the documents did not bear any stamp proving their authenticity. Work is thus still under way to check the legality of the import.

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