Iranian cement producer invests in solar power

Iranian cement producer invests in solar power
29 June 2018

Iran-based Shahrekord Cement Company has had a 1.5MW photovoltaic system by Fronius Solar Energy installed at its cement plant.

The project is not only unique due to the large output generated but also due to its location. The Shahrekord Cement site is 2300m above sea level in the city of Shahrekord, also known as the 'Roof of Iran'. The region is prone to hot summers and cold winters, with ambient temperatures varying between -10 and +50˚C – conditions that made this a complicated project.

Fronius supplied the Fronius Symo 76 to achieve the best results at this extreme altitude. These inverters are particularly robust, working powerfully and reliably at temperatures between -40 and +60˚C.

Using this system, the cement manufacturer has achieved a total yield of 2953MWh per year, which it feeds back to the grid.

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