Pakistan cement sales up 5% YoY in July

Pakistan cement sales up 5% YoY in July
06 August 2018

Cement sales in Pakistan increased 5.1 per cent in the first month of FY18-19. In July, total cement dispatches rose to 3.554Mt from 3.382Mt in July 2017, according to the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers’ Association.

While in the wake of elections, economic and construction activity slowed down, it did not significantly affect sales growth.

Exports rose by 9.3 per cent from 0.476Mt in July 2017 to 0.52Mt one year later while domestic dispatches were up 4.4 per cent from 2.906Mt to 3.035Mt over the same period.

Seaborne exports advanced 133.7 per cement from 0.144Mt in July 2017 to 0.336Mt in July 2018, offsetting declining exports to Afghanistan and India, which fell by 45 and 44.4 per cent, respectively.

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