Cementos Argos to build space launch pad

Cementos Argos to build space launch pad
30 November 2018

Argos Cement is currently participating as the supplier of the cement needed for the construction of the Ariane VI Space Station, being built in French Guiana.

Argos will ship close to 54,500t of three different types of cement with high levels of resistance and advanced technical requirements, including a road binder as a soil stabiliser solution used for the first time in this type of work, and some sulphate-resistant cements.

Argos cement will be used in the construction of all the necessary works for the rocket launch pad, as well as for a 90m-high mobile base (rockets will be 70m tall), the rocket assembly building, roads, and several structures for electrical networks, pipes, etc.

The project is close to 90 per cent execution, and expected to be completed in 2019 and to make its inaugural launch in 2020.

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