North Korea steps up industrial production

North Korea steps up industrial production
12 November 2019

North Korean cement companies are among industrial firms being urged to increase production of building materials to meet their year-end quotas.

North Korea has concentrated its resources this year mainly onto the construction of the Wonsan Kalma Coastal Tourist Zone and the Yangdok Hot Springs Tourist Zone (South Pyongan Province). The country has also put a priority on building a Korean-style coastal city in Myongsasipri and constructing the Tanchon and Orangchon power plants.

Sangwon Cement Factory is among companies that have been selected to increase their output. “Factories producing cement, steel, marble and granite, and even electric equipment manufacturers, are all in the midst of a 'battle' to meet their year-end production quotas," said a source for the NK Daily.

Construction projects in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province, have the most intense demand for materials and supplies. Set for completion in 2020, construction projects in Samjiyon are part of a massive state-led modernisation initiative to make the area resemble a "revolutionary shrine" for the ruling Kim family.

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